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M's Stitching Bee ~ Online Class
Baby it’s Cold Outside


Stitch-a-long with us in this “Baby it’s Cold Outside” series as we build 6 snowmen for your Christmas tree for next year. Each month starting in March you will get one of the snowmen, threads, and a stitch guide. You will also have email support and a monthly email about your upcoming canvas! Learn something new each month. We will pick unique threads you may not have worked with before or avoided because you weren’t sure how to use it! Our exclusive Silk Tweed will be included in some kits too! Kit includes everything you need to complete the 6 canvases and one set of stretcher bars. You are signing up for the entire set of snowmen as we mingle the threads through the entire series.

Come on! Let’s stitch along!

  • Date: March, April, May, June, July, & August
  • Teacher: Meredith Willett
  • Kit Cost: $150.00 per month, includes canvas, stitch guide and all the threads need to complete each snowman.
  • Details: To enroll in this class a prepayment of $300.00 is applied to your last two snowman kits.

M's Stitching Bee ~ Online Class
Backyard Birds


We are delighted to offer an exclusive Charley Harper online class. This design by world renown Charley Harper is called Backyard Birds. He was known for his love of animals as well as having been an avid birder. We feel this canvas offers a really fun opportunity to learn new needlepoint techniques and learn about these beautiful winter birds too. Meredith pulls out everything but the kitchen sink to stitch with so you never know what you will learn from her crazy and creative brain. We would be delighted to have you in this online needlepoint class. Space is limited so please sign up fast!

How it works:

  1. Sign up for the class by paying for canvas in full, $220.
    Class to begin in July 2020.
  2. Approximately every 6 weeks we will charge your credit card and ship the next thread pack and stitch guide. There will be 7 classes in total. Meredith will stay in contact with you via email to answer any questions and help you along your stitching journey. Thread kit and stitch guides will range between $35-$60 per class.

We know there are many of you that want to take classes but love being tucked into your favorite chair with a movie, and needlepoint. What could be better? (maybe a glass of wine!)

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